On December 13 - 15, 2019, the traditional autumn Camp of Max Dedik's branch "Effective Kumite" will be held at the Peresvet hotel near Moscow. We invite karatekas and instructors to take part in our training camp!

Chief Instructor:

IKO Branch Chief, Chairman of the Methodological Council of RNFKK, World and European Champion Sensei Dedik Maxim Viktorovich 4 dan

The leading branch instructors take part in the training camp.

The camp is dedicated to the study of the discipline "Kumite"

- Kihon, Kata, Kumite - three fundamentals - one principle - Ichigeki!

- Kudzushi and nage-wadza - throws in karate!

- Ippon-wadza - current techniques for achieving success from the masters of sports combat!

- Ukemi-wadza - security and new rules.

- Initiation into karate

- Ku test


Join now!

Email for applications: ugromanova @ gmail.com

Call us: +7 926 578 33 78 (с 10.00-18.00)