Leader Of The Amazons-Di Umarova

Pupil Of Max Dedik

Black belt 3 Dan Kyokushin karate

Master Of Sports Of Russia

Professional fighter

Graduate of the Faculty of physical culture and sports of the southern Federal University


The main achievements in the sport:

Gold in the disciplines of GI & NO GI Championship, the North American Association Grappling (NAGA)

One-year internship in Phuket TOP Team (Thailand),

3 professional Thai Boxing fights (3 wins, 2017-2018)

Professional kickboxing fights in ACB KB

Winner of the world Championship (Kyokushin karate)

The Champion Of America

2 times Champion of the Cup of Russia

Champion of the Central Federal district, South Federal district

Champion of Moscow and Moscow region

The winner of numerous awards "FOR the BEST TECHNIQUE", "FIGHTING SPIRIT"

The winner of the contest "BEST FIGHTER" among women


Coaching activities:

"The team of the Amazons" - women's fight class-based techniques of Kyokushin karate and K1.

The study of blocks and shock technology, the basics of struggle, self-defense for women, General and special physical training.

"Karate Kyokushinkai" (Children) is a study of the Kyokushin style with the original methodology of max Dedik. Exams at the waist, camps, competitions, camps.


Address: Mad Max Dojo (hall of max Dedik), M. Begovaya, 2nd Khoroshevsky proezd, d. 9 K. 1

Personal training for girls in Mad Max Dojo.