Director and founder of the school MAD MAX DOJO, Branch-chief of IKO branch in Moscow.

Head of the methodological Council of the Russian public organization "RNFKK"

Master of sports of International class

The main achievements in the sport:

Black belt 4 Dan Kyokushin karate

Master of sports of international class

World champion in Kyokushin IFK

Silver medalist of the IKO world championship

Winner of the Absolute championship of Japan (without weight categories)

European champion in Kyokushin IFK

European champion in Contact Karate (Kamakura)

3 times champion of Russia in Kyokushin

Fighter "Academy Ichi-geki" Tokyo (professional League of Kickboxing K1) record in professional Kickboxing 4-1

Learn desi - "Internal student" So-Honbu Kyokushin-Kan (Kancho Matsui Shokei)