On November 10, 2019, our sportsmen of Max Dedik Branch took part in the Moscow Championship and the Cup of the MGFKK. We put up about 60 participants, of which 16 karatekas got their prizes!

The Max Dedik branch was presented by the clubs MAD MAX DOJO (coach Max Dedik), Snabog (coach Andrey Gerasimov), NOVOSELOVA TEAM (coach Valentina Lysenko-Novoselova), Saburai (coach Nikita Rosin)

Our Winners at the Championship of Moscow 2019:

Bronyakin Alexander - 1st place (kata and kumite) + special prize "For the best technique" (Snabog)

Popelyaev Sergey - 2nd place (kata and kumite) (Snabog)

Smirnov Lev - 2nd place (kumite) (Snabog)

Krylov Eugenij - 3 place (kata) (Snabog)

Nemenuschaya Anastasia - 2nd place (Saburai)

Popov Dan - 3rd place (Saburai)

Semenova Milana - 3rd place (kata) (NOVOSELOVA TEAM)

Shurganova Ekaterina - 3rd place (kata) (MAD MAX DOJO)

Golubeva Ulyana - 2 place (kata) (MAD MAX DOJO)

Dedik Bogdan - 2nd place (MAD MAX DOJO)

Doroshchenko Leonid - 3rd place (MAD MAX DOJO)

Koloskov Valery - 2nd place (MAD MAX DOJO)

Timofeev Roman - 3rd place (MAD MAX DOJO)

Volkov Alexander - 3rd place (MAD MAX DOJO)

Pavlyukov Sergey - 2nd place (MAD MAX DOJO)

Gorfunkel Maxim - 1st place (MAD MAX DOJO)


Russia is proud of you!!!